All aboard the California High-Speed Gravy Train !

Bad news for California taxpayers today. But fantastic news for Dianne Feinstein’s bank account.,0,1301519.story
For a measly $985 million, the 29 miles from suburban Madera to downtown Fresno will now be connected. At long last, these two global centers of commerce will now be connected – and at a paltry cost of just $34 million per mile, Californians should probably be grateful that there is no more expensive way to enrich Dianne Feinstein and her husband (a gold-plated highway finished second in the bidding process).

In a move that will make even the Solyndra debacle seem like a charming small-potato failed enterprise, the California High-Speed Rail Authority today courageously voted to award hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to Tutor Perini – a company controlled formerly controlled by DiFi’s husband Richard Blum.
In an epic symphony of crony capitalism which has been COMPLETELY ignored by the faithful lapdog media in California, Tutor Perini were awarded the contract after being excluded initially – on the quite reasonable grounds of (according to the LA Times) failing a technical score “based on safety measures, engineering, scheduling, quality of design, project approach and solutions to possible construction problems.”,0,188616.story
This from a company which has a history of bidding “low to win contracts and then seeks change orders and contract amendments that increase costs. ….. also has been embroiled in controversies involving accusations of overbilling, fraud and shoddy workmanship ”
Unfortunately, Acciona and Ferrovial both had the misfortune of being genuine companies with real experience in building a high-speed railway. But, alas, they were not married to decrepit Mommy Warbucks herself. No contract for you!
As anyone who followed Solyndra knows : it’s not about the viability of your enterprise, it’s about who you know, and who you donate campaign funds to.
Unfortunately for the now-brutalized California taxpayer, High-Speed Rail is a never-ending enterprise which will continuously suck taxpayer dollars from your bank account and deposit them into the bank accounts of Dianne Feinstein et al at speeds which designers hope may approach 180 mph.


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