An Inconvenient Truth : California’s “environmental” carbon tax revenue is used to save underfunded public sector pensions. Not the planet.

Hey, once the voters go for it, they’re probably too dumb to notice – right? (thanks, California public schooling – now ranked 47th in science – just above Mississippi and Alabama)
Well I guess the planet will always be around. Union cronies, on the other hand, need their payback sooner. Especially from union puppet Jerry Brown.
Jaruzelski Brown’s very first act in office was to give California’s magnificently overpaid prison guards a RAISE. This at a time the state faced a staggering $25.4 billion deficit, and said guards were already paid more than DOUBLE their counterparts In Texas.
So ….. Over to SacBee for some delayed faux media outrage : “Brown is proposing to take $500 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund and put it into the state’s general fund. He is calling this a “one-time loan” from auction proceeds for 2012-13 and 2013-14.”. The enduring end goal for high-tax and big-government enthusiasts is the simple fact that tax revenue dollars are utterly fungible. Once you get the tax passed, well, we all know Big Government knows best what to spend it on. So a “carbon tax” has just as much likelihood to be connected to the environment as a “temporary tax” is likely to actually be temporary.

So, hey, it’s not like the planet’s going to find out? The dumb electorate passed the carbon tax. And inevitably there will be another “environmental” tax after this one (perhaps with more media prodding from Green Fat Albert’s big stash of Qatari oil money). Let’s face facts : by the next election cycle the California electorate will be statistically more stupid and open to propagandist media.

This is all the state tax equivalent of Green Fat Albert flying his considerable bulk to a distant climate change conference on Global Warming – the details of transportation aren’t important for your pretty little electoral head. OK, it was a private jet. And yes, OK, with masseuses and vintage champagne. But just who is saving the planet? Certainly not YOU – with your miserable paltry taxpayer dollars, and middle-class job, and studious recycling, and all the rest of it. It’s superhero Green Fat Albert and his government friends!
Just shut up, pay more taxes, and get dutifully alarmed when someone suitable in government tells you to be alarmed. And if you are sold a Cap and Trade carbon tax at the next election as, well, something vaguely connected to the environment, then just walk it off. Look up at the sky on the way out of the voting booth, and you just might see a vapor trail from one of the private jets of the oligarchs who convinced you to vote for it.


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