Another Inconvenient Truth : California politicians give themselves a nice pay raise with carbon tax revenue.

Thanks for the carbon tax, suckers ! We politicians think we deserve a pay increase after a job well done fooling you into your latest act of irrationality at the voting booth. So it’s now completely official : the California carbon tax has zero connection to the environment, but is just another juicy revenue stream that has just come online for California’s greedy incompetent politicians.

Shortly after “borrowing” the carbon tax revenue from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund from auction proceeds for 2012-13 and 2013-14 and putting it into the general fund, there was a brief pause – perhaps a stately moment of silence for the dying idealism of environmentalists and gullible voters who thought cap and trade was actually related to the environment. But after that, full speed ahead – consider it a “bonus” for politicians (and their lapdog media) yet again outwitting the Californian electorate.

All of which seems remarkably cruel and short-sighted – especially after some of the direr warnings about climate change that have recently been circulating amongst the Californian Democrat intelligentsia (sic). The East Bay’s keenest intellect, Barbara Lee, recently warned us that climate change will lead to almost all women becoming prostitutes, and shortly thereafter, dying inevitably from AIDS. Wow, that seems pretty rough. Talk about a War on Women. Personally, I’m slightly disappointed that there are no zombies in Rep. Lee’s vision of a fiery Hookerpocalypse, but I am still willing to take her feverish warnings as gospel. In which case, why on over-heated earth are Democrats taking carbon tax revenue, destined to save the entire planet (not to mention saving billions of women from their inevitable carbon-driven prostitution doom) and putting the money in their pay checks? It’s like they are just venal corrupt politicians who use any sort of alarmism (with help from a compliant lapdog media) to pass extra taxes, and then pocket the proceeds. Now that really would be a terrifying scenario.


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