Janet Napolitano wins California lottery ! Total payout $847,149 , to be paid annually

The swiftly diminishing number of discerning Americans – the small minority who haven’t yet been slowly bludgeoned into brain death by the relentless incompetence of US media – have unfortunately become accustomed to the gut-churning sight of incompetent members of the political oligarchy (who are slowly destroying this great nation) migrating freely from elected office to politically-appointed state boards or university management. Or between Wall Street and the White House (there actually seems to be some sort of magical revolving door between Goldman Sachs and the West Wing). But we may have hit a new low in California with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano resigning in order to become the president of the University of California system.

It has long been apparent that the easiest way to get rich now is to become a politician – whether through Nancy Pelosi’s “Blue Horseshoe loves Visa IPO” insider trading stock market tips, to the more brutal Dianne Feinstein “Pay my husband to build the most expensive railway in the world” overt violation of taxpayers.

The Napolitano appointment just underlines the corrupt nature of our government.

The most pertinent reason for this appointment is that the UC system was the top contributor to Obama’s 2012 campaign. In light of recent NSA revelations, the next three slots are disconcertingly occupied by Microsoft, Google, and U.S. Government.

This is what used to be called a Nomenklatura appointment in the old Eastern Bloc, but personally I think academic and author Joel Kotkin nails it on the head quite brilliantly with the term New Clerisy. This encompasses the Silicon Valley donors, Wall Street, and, significantly, almost all university administration.

To further underline the nature of these appointments, it merely requires a quick glance at the other Regents. Like a pernicious rash, there you will find California’s greatest crony capitalist, Richard Blum (aka Mr. Dianne Feinstein, aka one of the men behind Solyndra, aka Mr. California High-Speed Rail) availing himself of some more taxpayer dollars. So whilst Elizabeth Warren campaigns fearlessly for the reduction in student loan rates, she fails to mention the absurd salaries being paid to Democrat Nomenklatura university management. Perhaps Dances-with-Facts is distracted, and still smarting from losing out on the role of Tonto in the Lone Ranger movie to Johnny Depp?

Comrade Napolitano is being richly rewarded by the Inner Party for her fantastic work record – she prevented not only the Fort Hood massacre, but also the Nigerian Detroit flight underpants bomber, and not to mention the Boston Marathon bombing. Plus, she made the entire process of flying horrible, and slightly rapey for everybody. It is only appropriate that such competence and devotion to the Party be munificently rewarded.

Well, California – never mind the competence, just feel the salary and benefits. In ancient times, Emperor Obama would have awarded such a feudal barony in a distant land (in this case on the opposite coast from the Imperial Throne in D.C.), but now it’s much more straightforward. Janet, you have no experience in academia, you are incompetent, but you have shown an admirable dedication to The Party. Here is $850k per annum.

So as the University of California system slowly degrades itself from being a world-beating academic organization into being nothing more than an opulent satrapy for political appointees and donors – who can happily plunge their greedy snouts into the bottomless trough of taxpayer (and student tuition) money – we can only shudder and think of the quality of graduates such an organization will start churning out in the future.


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