Droneanne Feinstein : Warmonger Senator is the top recipient of Predator drone manufacturer’s campaign money.

It looks like Mommy Warbucks needs another war. MORE WAR for the Feinstein bank account!

The Chair of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence argued in an “impassioned floor speech” for an eventual military strike. She was even fairly swift on the whole Godwin’s Law invocation of Hitler. Noticeably absent from her horror at the use of chemical weapons was the fact the US government has historically been totally fine with nerve gas, as long as it deems the use of chemical weapons strategically useful.

By happy coincidence, recently declassified CIA documents reveal how the US government was actively involved in helping Saddam Hussein use the very same sarin nerve gas to kill thousands of Iranians during the Iran-Iraq war. US politicians need to can the faux moral outrage they are exploiting in order to drum up the Next Big Profitable War.

As for Feinstein, it should come as no surprise to anyone that she is the Number One recipient of campaign donations from General Atomics, who happen to manufacture the Predator drone. “Targeted” strikes on Syria, anyone? 





California’s corporate war-whore : 4 of Dianne Feinstein’s top 7 campaign donors make … drones and bombs.

As the Syria war drums are being beaten louder and louder by Obama and US politicians (Democrats finally now having a chance for their own long drum solo after all those interminable Bush years), it’s always worth looking at who stands to benefit financially from The Next “Unavoidable” Conflict.

From OpenSecrets.org (2012 election cycle) :


Military contractors General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, General Atomics (manufacturer of your friendly neighborhood Predator drone), and BAE Systems all make the top 7 of Feinstein campaign donors. What do they expect in return?

As one half of a public sector/private sector “power couple” who are responsible for possibly the most blatant, dishonest and greedy crony capitalism in the entire country, Feinstein certainly has a bit of history in terms of voting for wars that benefit her bank account and political career (or the bank account of her “firewalled” private equity husband) – to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money. Think of her like Dick Cheney in drag, only even uglier and less trustworthy, but with much better PR – courtesy of a lot less criticism from the mainstream media.

So it might seem odd to the small number of voters still capable of critical thought that the Chair of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has the inside line on all the super-secret intelligence … that allows her to decide whether or not the situation warrants the USA launching a butt-load of missiles that THE MILITARY CORPORATIONS THAT PAY FOR HER CAREER manufacture.