That chick from Star Wars *and* Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard BOTH endorse attacking Syria ? Crossover !!!

Sooner or later, all American diplomacy is inevitably distilled into a concentrated essence of retarded celebrity opinion. And so, in the relentless march of “progress”, ignorant voters will soon be swayed via their social media / whatever screens they stare at by the intellectually invincible [sic] arguments of a few random actors who have been on TV and/or some movies. This is the way we, as a nation, learn – and grow. Ambrose Bierce is widely credited with the expression “War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography”.

The Daily Beast has a great piece (referencing the Spanish Civil War) on how the “celebritization” of the conflict has obscured a lot of fundamental ignorance regarding its origins. And I would suspect that more than a few Americans – war-weary and beaten down by a long domestic financial repression – would heartily agree with the sentiments of Evelyn Waugh : “As an Englishman, I am not in the predicament of choosing between two evils.”

So as we face another war (bizarrely promoted by MSNBC and everyone else who was against That Last One) we must listen to the wise words of That Actress Who Was Also in Black Swan, plus Awesome Fully-Bald Shatner, not to mention That Bug-Eyed Actress who is, I hear, Tim Robbins’ Mom. And others. Always listen to celebrities.